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  • 3 Nights, 4 Days
  • August–September-October-November
  • Departure from Antalya every Thursday

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Beirut Tour

Tour Program

Upon our arrival in Beirut, we start our city tour in the company of our professional Turkish guide. After a short tour with our vehicle, we go to Solidere (Downtown), which reminds the streets of Paris with its stylish cafes, restaurants and famous brands. Solidere, the company that undertakes the construction, repair, arrangement and beautification works in this region, gave this region its current name, while at the same time found various artifacts from the Roman period during the works and opened them to visit within the modern city structure. Nejmeh Square, which is famous for its clock tower, the historical Orthodox church in the square, the ruins of the historical Roman Bath, the buildings that were built as barracks during the Ottoman period and serve as the Prime Ministry and the Parliament today, the United Nations Building, Lebanon’s The tomb of former prime minister Rafik Hariri, who played an important role in its restructuring, and the Mohamed El-Amin mosque are among the places we will see. At the end of the tour, transfer to our hotel and free time. Overnight at our hotel in Beirut.

Free time after breakfast at our hotel. Our guests can join the Jeita & Harissa & Byblos Tour organized by our guide. After the tour, we return to our hotel. In the evening, we will attend the dinner where you will taste Lebanese appetizers, which will be organized with our guests who wish. After this fun dinner, we return to our hotel. Overnight at our hotel in Beirut.

Jeita & Harissa & Byblos Tour (Extra $80) |
Departure towards the Jeita caves, located on the edge of the Dog River and its valley, at the foot of the Lebanese mountains, about 30 minutes (20 km) from Beirut. There are 2 caves, up and down, in Jeita, which is shaped by karst formations. We start our visit with the cable car exit from the car parking area to the upper cave. The upper cave was discovered in 1958 and has a length of 2200m, of which 750m is open to visitors via a walking path. The lower cave, on the other hand, housed humans in prehistoric times, but was rediscovered in 1836. The tour in the lower cave is made by electric motor boats. Depart for Harissa by walking down the caves or by mini train. Our vehicle will arrive in Jounie, the neighboring country town of Beirut, with a journey of approximately 15-20 minutes. Departure to Harissa, located at an altitude of approximately 650 meters, with 2 different cable cars depending on the weather conditions. On the hill, the 15-ton Virgin Mary statue, which was mounted on a small church in 1908, will welcome us. The great cathedral behind the statue is impressive with its architecture that looks like a cedar tree from the outside and a Phoenician ship from the inside and was chosen as a result of the competition. Our descent from the hill will be back to Jounie with our vehicle. Arrive at Byblos, the ancient port city of Phoenicia, located on the seaside, with a journey of approximately 20 minutes (18 km) from here. Although the history of the city is not known for certain, it is estimated by scientists that it dates back to 7000 years ago. During the time of Byblos, which was a large commercial port, it was a city dominated by papyrus trade in the region due to its commercial and cultural relations with ancient Egypt. For this reason, the Greeks gave the city the name Byblos, which means the holy book in Greek. It was the Phoenicians who found the first linear alphabet, which is the basis of today’s modern Latin, Arabic and Greek alphabet, and the oldest work on the alphabet was found in Byblos. End of the tour, return to Beirut and free time.

After breakfast at our hotel, we move towards the Bekaa valley, which is 90 km away from Beirut.

We approach the Syrian Damascus gate for 5 km and visit the city of Zahle, and then we start our route to the Baalbek Roman temples, which were built for the god Baal and considered the largest and most magnificent in the world. After visiting 3 different temples, we turn our route to the wine cellars in Zahle, the 5th largest city of Lebanon.

In Zahle de Ksara district, we are doing a tasting tour of the world-famous Ksara wine cellars.

Note: The tasting tour is offered as 3 different price options and is extra. (Average 8$/person) . Afterwards, return to Beirut, free time at the hotel.

After breakfast at the hotel, departure for a trip to Sidon (Sayda), the 3rd largest city in Lebanon and one of the port cities of the Phoenicians.

Mamluk bazaars, you can feel yourself right in the middle of a movie set while you are wandering around these bazaars… These delightful bazaars, where labyrinth-shaped narrow stone buildings stretch out, are definitely worth seeing.

At the end of our Saida tour, we will go to the Chouf Mountains, which is approximately 900 meters above the sea, where the Durzi community predominantly lives. Deir Al Qamar, (Moon monastery- City of Emirs) We will visit the capital before Beirut became the capital. Deir Al Qamar has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1984.

Afterwards, we move towards our final destination, the palaces of Beyteddin. Beyteddin palaces were completed in the beginning of 1800 by Emir Basher, the Emir of Donemin Durzi origin, who befits the Ottoman Empire, and the Lebanese administration was controlled from this palace for a long time.
Although heavily damaged in the 1975-1991 civil war, it was again revised by the Durzi leader Walid Janbolad.

After this tour is completed, return to Beirut and transfer to the area according to the flight time.

Tour conditions

Services Included in the Fee

  • Antalya-Beirut Round-Trip Flight Ticket
  • 3 Nights Accommodation in the selected hotel category
  • Breakfast at the hotel
  • Alan Hotel Area Transfers
  • First Day Sightseeing Tour in Turkish

Services Not Included in the Fee

  • Overseas Departure Fee Stamp
  • Travel insurance
  • All kinds of hotel extras and personal expenses
  • Extra tours, Lunch and dinner.
Accommodation Hotels

The hotels mentioned in the program are exemplary accommodation facilities. Depending on the density, changes can be made in the accommodation areas and hotels, provided that they are of the same standards.

  • Gems Hotel Hamra etc.
Additional services
Additional service Price
Jeitta Grotto caves, Church of Our Lady of Harissa, cable car and Byblos city tour 80$
Bekaa valley Baalbek temples Ksara wine cellars and Zahle city tour 80$
Saida, Chouf Beytdin Palaces , Deir al Qamar tour 70$

** The above tours are $200 if purchased in bulk during the sale.